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Tips for better parenting

When our children embarrass us

There is nothing quite like the embarrassment one can feel when a child in our care throws a temper tantrum at the grocery store. Its normal to believe that everyone thinks were a bad parent, and no one understands how hard we work at teaching our child. If we are to be an effective caregiver for children we have to feel good about ourselves, so its important to think about this problem carefully. We will need to:
    Remember that we are doing the best we know.
    Remember that no one is perfect.
    Refuse to accept the uninformed opinions of others.

However, there are also things to think about that may help us feel better about ourselves. We may need to:
    Learn more about raising our children, especially what to expect at different stages of development.
    Be open to finding help for a parenting issue troubling us.

Some tips may be helpful. Some will take time to develop, but they have a good chance of making your life easier at the grocery store.
    Leave enough time to relate to your child while you shop.
    Use things and colors the children noticed in the store for conversation.
    Help your child learn at home that No is No, and that you wont argue about it.
    Give the most attention to your child when he or she is behaving well.

Jack Wright is a Mental Health Consultant working with Early Childhood Services. Contact:

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