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Tips for better parenting

Relationship crucial for all learning

Whether you are instructing a college student or an infant, the relationship has been found to be very important. Relationship creates engagement. Without engagement, what was supposed to be taught is quickly forgotten. Here are some tips about the relationship:
   • Relationship needs to be consistent.
   • It can be as simple as paying attention to a child’s activities.
   • Conversation is relationship.
   • Even infants listen to conversation, and gain words.
   • For positive effects conversation is warm and understanding.
   • Simple questions develop conversation with children.

When conversation is developed with children it can feel like it will never end. Here are some tips about limiting these conversations:
   • Infants to toddlers will need to be gently distracted to another activity.
   • Three-year-old children are able to learn to share. With gentle words they can understand that their caregiver is busy.

It is worth our time to have many conversations that develop relationship—and much more—with our children, as the maturity they develop from feeling loved will mean easier parenting, even with teenage children.

Jack Wright is a Mental Health Consultant working with Early Childhood Services.

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