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A future in healthcare is waiting for you

RONAN — Despite the seemingly continuous changes bombarding the healthcare industry, the one constant that remains is the need for compassionate caregivers for the increasing number of aging Americans. Because of that need, St. Luke Extended Care in Ronan is hosting a free Certified Nurses Aide (CNA) training class. The 3-week course will begin on February 18.

In the past hundred years, life expectancy has increased by three decades. The proportion of older people in the United States is also growing. Today, a baby boomer turns 50 every 7.6 seconds, and by mid-century older adults will outnumber young people for the first time in history.

These statistics point to the growing need for caregivers, especially for the older adults who are beginning to flood extended care facilities nationwide.

Dawn Raymond, Director of Nursing at St. Luke Extended Care explains that the growing need for elder care “has created real opportunities for those who may be considering the medical field because many test the waters by becoming a CNA.”

Raymond notes that one of the big advantages of taking the CNA class at St. Luke is “the opportunity to acquire the fundamental skills and knowledge essential to starting a career in healthcare while learning right here at home with intense Tuesday through Friday eight hour days for three weeks.”

Raymond adds that the size of the class will be limited to insure one-on-one training with instructor Nancy Schalk, an RN who has been with St. Luke for thirty-four years.

Anyone with a high school diploma or equivalent wanting to enroll in the CNA course should pick-up an application form at St. Luke Extend Care; or, phone 676-2900 by January 27.

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