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Audubon Society presents Glacier Park presentation on December 11

POLSON — “Glacier Park’s Harlequin Ducks in a Changing Climate” by Warren Hansen will be the next educational program of the Mission Mountain Audubon Society on Wednesday, December 11 at 7 p.m. in the Library Meeting Room. Everyone is welcome.

While skeptics debate the causes of global warming, there is little doubt that the impacts on the world’s ecosystems are real. Often the changing climate leads to declining populations, especially among migratory animals, due to the change in the timing of their reproductive cycles and the availability of natural resources. Melting glaciers and changing stream flows in Glacier National Park make the migratory Harlequin duck particularly vulnerable to these impacts as well.

Hansen’s three-year study has found strong evidence that the changing climate is adversely affecting the park’s Harlequin ducks during their breeding season. His slide show will demonstrate the strong correlation shared between peak stream flow, discharge volume, and stream flow predictability on the duck’s reproductive success.

Warren Hansen is a graduate student in the Wildlife Biology program of the University of Montana.

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