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Make sure your warming fire is DEAD OUT this hunting season

Hunting season is a very exciting time for many Montanans, as well as out-of-state visitors who come to hunt in Montana. As you prepare for your hunting trip, make sure you have plenty of water to put your warming fire out completely. Vegetation is dry and wildland fires can still occur. Do your part to ensure you do not start a wildland fire. Before you head outdoors know the below items.

1. Are warming fires allowed in the area you are hunting? Visit to find out.

2. It is best to keep your fire small and manageable, no larger than three feet in diameter.

3. Make certain you have an adequate clear zone above and around your fire, a four-foot area cleared for every one foot of flame height.

4. Never leave your warming fire unattended.

5. Drown your fire with plenty of water and stir. Dirt is useful in putting out a fire.

6. Ensure it is cold to the touch before leaving.

If you are exploring the forests, rangelands, and back country in vehicles you must stay on established roads and trails and avoid driving over dry grass and brush that could be ignited by hot exhaust systems.

Have a safe, fun, and successful hunting season.

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