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August 8, 2013

This Week in Tribal History

Mary Rogers, Tribal Preservation Department

August 5, 1875 from The Helena Weekly Herald: "5 bucks, 2 squaws and 3 Indian children, together with Dr. Bembrick who…… was camped with them in the way from his herd of cattle…"

August 6, 1886 from The Weekly Missoulian: Flathead Lake: A tourist form Helena writes to the Helena Herald the following description of the Flathead lake country. The fine country around Flathead lake in Missoula county is rapidly filling up with settlers, and at present many fine ranches with comfortable homes are located where 10 years ago there was scarce a habitation. This applies to the section that at lies outside Flathead Indian reservation which includes half the lake and a large tract of country to the east west and southeast is now estimated that there are over 200 people living in the valley and as the tide of immigration is constantly flowing it will not be long until it is thoroughly populated.

August 5, 1890 from The Missoula Gazette: “These soft-tongued gypsies of the forest, the Indians are plentiful here. They are picking berries and drying them. Nature uncultivated feeds these, her first children, from her very hand.”

August 4, 1910 from The Plainsman: The Bureau of Indian affairs will decrease rations given out. The rations will be confined to aged and indigent Indians with the goal to abolish gratuities. Approximately 15,000 Indians received rations at a cost of $414,400

August 5, 1910 from The Sanders County Democrat: "Word reached town this evening that Andrew Bullhead had shot and killed Frank Sulphie on the reservation last night. Both men were in town yesterday and left for home at the dame time. They are Indians and it is supposed that they had been drinking. None of the particulars have been received."

August 4, 1916 from The Dayton Leader: ”William Lemmox plead guilty at Kalispell to burglarizing Gus Hagen’s store room at Whitefish. Lemmox is also suspected of being implicated in the murder of the squaw, Cayuse Mary, at Whitefish, some two or more weeks ago, and was one of the prisoners who last week attempted to kill Jailor Ed Sanford.”

August 6, 1959 from The St. Ignatius Post: A special Thanks to Robert Matt for supplying the following article from the St. Ignatius Post concerning Albert Tellier. Mr. Tellier was visiting the Valley from his home in Sacramento when he gave the following interview. He was born in St. Ignatius August 21, 1892, his father was Isaac Tellier. His memories include the living at the Henry Felsman Sr. home, which was located at what is now the reclamation headquarters. Shopping at the Beckwith store, Tony Cobell working as a blacksmith and Joe Latatee owned candy store in Indian Town. He goes on to discuss the building and businesses that had come and gone.

If you have any questions or comments please contact Mary Rogers at 675-2700, ext 1320, or Communication Director, Rob McDonald at ext. 1222. Newspaper articles may be suggested for the Preservation archives if the article includes the newspaper name, date and is from 1975 or earlier.

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