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August 1, 2013

This Week in Tribal History

Mary Rogers, Tribal Preservation Department

August 2, 1878 from The New Northwest: A "good" Nez Perce man in search of his abducted daughter, gets help from several agents and military leaders, including Miles, and Agent Ronan and Ft. Missoula, got his daughter back and then the two were killed. Idaho war continues.

August 1, 1879 from The New Northwest: Arlee's Flathead in town on their return from the Yellowstone to Missoula. Arlee weighs between 200 and 300 pounds… squaws and Indians foraged around the streets and back alleys.

July 31, 1885 from The Weekly Missoulian: Dr. Choquette is an applicant for appointment as an agent on the Jocko agency and a petition his favor was circulated here last week, and generally signed. Major Ronan, present agent, is a candidate for the office of surveyor general of this territory and it is said his chances for the place are very good.

July 29, 1887 from The Weekly Missoulian: Hellgate Last Sunday as Dick White was going home from his brother George’s on horseback he met 2 Indians on foot who told him to stop. Supposing they wanted to buy or sell horses when one Indian grabbed hold of his horse’s bridle and the other took hold of him, but did not succeed in pulling him off as they tried to. Having one arm free he hit the Indian over the head with a rope he had in his hand which so frightened the horse that he jumped forward, jerking loose from them and dashing off with great speed by which the young man probably escaped being robbed and assaulted. He could not tell what they wanted as they spoke Indian to each other.

July 28, 1910 from The Plainsman: "Joe Morigeau came in Tuesday evening from his ranch two miles north of Camas, and made an effort to hire a couple of men to go to work at the Griffith saw mill, which is located on his property. Men are very scarce in this locality right now, owing to the demand for fire fighters and hay hands."

August 1, 1913 from The Dayton Leader: “R.W. Stone, C.E. Lucas, J.E. Richardson, members of the U. S. Geological Survey, are in this section finishing the classification of lands on the reservation, as to their mineral and non-mineral properties and valuations.”

August 2, 1928 from The Plainsman: “Archie McDonald, son of Annie McDonald, met with a serious accident when the horse he was riding fell on him. He was taken to the Polson hospital for medical treatment.”

July 30, 1936 from The Ronan Pioneer: “Last week 200 Chinese Pheasants were planted in the Post Creek, Mission Creek, Mud Creek and Pablo Reservoir districts by the Fish and Game commission. The commission at the August session will consider the dates and bag limit of the Chinese pheasants.”

July 29, 1937 from The Ronan Pioneer: “C. D. Faunce, supervisor of the Indian forestry department, has established fire guards in different parts of the Flathead reservation. The crews are divided into two classes: regular fireguards and enrollees. There are also two state fireguards on the job this summer. The Indian department crews number seven regular guards and 12 enrollees. They are stationed at Polson, Ninepipes, St. Ignatius, Arlee, Evaro, Pablo, the Agency Saddle Lookout, Jocko, Big Arm, Revais and Perma.”

If you have any questions or comments please contact Mary Rogers at 675-2700, ext 1320, or Communication Director, Rob McDonald at ext. 1222. Newspaper articles may be suggested for the Preservation archives if the article includes the newspaper name, date and is from 1975 or earlier.

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