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July 11, 2013

This Week in Tribal History

Mary Rogers, Tribal Preservation Department

July 13, 1867 from The Montana Post: Letter from Camp Ida Thoraughman, dated 7/4/67 regarding The hanging of the Flathead horse thief on Shields River by Campbell and his men. This was a master stroke of policy, and will insure the future good behavior of those 'friendlies'. One of the company said that the Flatheads were so badly frightened that he thought they would not steal another 'Boston man's horse for the next five years. They have gone on their way down the Yellowstone.

July 12, 1873 from The New Northwest: "Large numbers of Indians are congregating our Valley, to be ready for the berry harvest.

July 12, 1877 from The Helena Weekly Herald: George Calderwood saw 30 lodges of Bitterroot Indians who had traveled 65-70 miles from that valley. Group included Narcisse. Calderwood believed "all the Indians formed about Burnt Fork are in Big Hole".

July 12, 1878 from The New Northwest: On 7/1 there were 80 lodges on Indians on Little Camas Prairie near the mouth of Elk (not far from Yreka, Bearmouth)

July 10, 1885 from The Missoulian: The Indians with the land reserved for them go wandering around the country with large bands of ponies feeding on already depleted stock ranges, while hundreds of acres of the finest grazing lands in the world of their own being unused.

July 13, 1906 from The Plainsman: The Annual Dance of the Flathead tribes is now going on at the Mission and at the agency. It is estimated that 600 Indians are at the big camp and participating in the date.

July 13, 1906 from The Plainsman: “J.M. Price, chief clerk for Major Rankin the allotting agent was in Missoula the first of the week arranging for a second party of surveyors to go into the field. This is done to expedite the allotments. Major Rankin reports good progress so far.”

July 09, 1915 from The Sanders County Signal: "Camas and Hot Springs were very quiets the Fourth of July. The only person that seems to be celebrating was Mary sax-sa, an Indian woman who lives in Morigeau gulch. She came in with her favorite horse and dressed up in her celebrating regalia and rode through Camas and Hot Springs, much to the amusement of those who saw her."

July 11, 1959 from The Missoulian: Archeological report that Yellowstone National Park has been occupied for at least 4000 years. This give lie to the belief that tribal members held the geysers in such fear that they dared not settle near them. Carling Malouf supervised the field school that was lead by Dr. Dee C. Taylor and John J. Hoffman. The current survey focuses on the most heavily used areas of the park. The complete survey of the park will be conducted at a later date.

If you have any questions or comments please contact Mary Rogers at 675-2700, ext 1320, or Communication Director, Rob McDonald at ext. 1222. Newspaper articles may be suggested for the Preservation archives if the article includes the newspaper name, date and is from 1975 or earlier.

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