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Circle of Trust Youth Suicide Prevention Program promotes Lethal Means Campaign

PABLO ó A lethal means is defined as an instrument or object utilized to carry out a self-destructive act. Some means are more lethal than others.

A suicide attempt can be an impulsive act of desperation. Youth are particularly at risk of carrying out impulsive decisions in short periods of time. Firearms used in youth suicide usually belong to a parent.

For some attempters, the suicidal impulse is short-lived and the means chosen during that high-risk period may determine life or death. Studies found that 90 percent of people who survived a suicide attempt do NOT make another attempt.

Public health researchers have found that lives CAN be saved by making sure people donít have access to a lethal means during a high risk period.

Gun locks and proper gun storage can increase the time of access to lethal means during a suicidal crisis, allowing more time for intervention or for the person to consider other choices. Remember, most suicidal people donít want to die.

This information is adapted from the Harvard Injury Control Research Center and American Association of Suicidology. You can also Google: Means Matter for more info.

If you or someone you know is depressed or is having thoughts of suicide, talk to someone who will listen. Get help. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24-7. Call 1(800) 273-TALK (8255). Remember, Your Life Matters!

Free gun locks are available at the Circle of Trust Program by calling us at 675-2700, ext. 1340, 1152, 127, or 1321. You can also drop by the Respite House at 36521 Felsman St. in Pablo. They are located in the light gray house with fenced yard across the old highway from the Pablo Post Office. Look for us on Facebook at: CSKT Circle of Trust.

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