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Arlee School hosts cultural activities on May 15

ARLEE The Arlee School will host a K-12 American Indian Cultural Activities Day on May 15. Student/staff will participate in stick game, shinny, double ball, Lacrosse and other various Native American games. Guest speakers/ presenters will share their cultural knowledge and skills with the students. Student participation in this event is encouraged, so students can learn and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of Native Americans. There will be Cultural Educational Presentations such as making shields, native plants and their uses, setting up a teepee, drumming and singing; and Native American Artists will be heard. Crafts such as making pony beaded necklaces, dream catchers, beaded pouches, and other activities will be available.

A social pow-wow will be held in the afternoon in the new gym from 1:30 to 3 p.m. The school extends an invitation to the people to come and join them in celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the American Indian and engage in dancing to the beat of the drum. They are in need of dancers for the pow-wow from all styles of Indian dancing. High school students who are dancing or drumming/singing will be excused to attend the pow-wow, otherwise they will be expected to attend regular scheduled classes in the afternoon (this was a decision made by the student council).

If you have any questions, please contact Willie Wright at 726-3216, ext. 2310.

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