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Turning the page at Ronan Eye Clinic: a new chapter

Dr. Ofstad (right) passes the torch to Dr. Marcus Simonich (left). (courtesy photo)Dr. Ofstad (right) passes the torch to Dr. Marcus Simonich (left). (courtesy photo)

After 40+ years of providing quality eye health care and optical services to Western Montana, it’s time to turn a new page.

Our “new page” is structured to maintain our present group of doctors and staff. And, although ownership has been transferred to Dr. Marcus Simonich, Dr. Ofstad plans to continue seeing patients for many years to come.

“When it came time to pass the torch of ownership, it was important to me to find the right person to continue the traditions that have made us successful in the past,” said Ofstad. “We were fortunate to have found that combination in Dr. Simonich.”

According to Dr. Ofstad, “In our industry, it is important to keep current with the rapidly shifting technology and make room for the next generation so that business can live on and evolve. Dr. Simonich has already been instrumental in adding many innovations to our clinic that will improve patient care in the future. He also fits well into the long-standing culture of our clinic as well as the community.”

A Montana native, Dr. Simonich received his Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Carroll College and continued his training at Pacific University College of Optometry, the same school Dr. Ofstad attended years ago.

“It has been a dream of mine to return to Montana to work and raise my family in the same place I grew up,” said Simonich. “I feel honored to be working at the Ronan Eye Clinic with Dr. Ofstad, and I am fortunate to be surrounded by a great staff and caring community.”

The Ronan Eye Clinic is the oldest and most established eye center in Lake County, providing an excellent product and working model that its patients have long come to depend on. And, although a “new page” has been turned with regards to ownership, the working model will remain the same, and Dr. Ofstad still plans to see his patients on a regular basis with Dr. Simonich and Dr. Benkelman for years to come. We also still accept most medical and vision insurance plans, including: Vision Service Plan (VSP), Tribal Health, Medicaid, Medicare, BCBS, Veterans, and many more.

For more information regarding the Ronan Eye Clinic you can go to our website,, or give us a call at (406) 676-3937.

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