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December 13, 2012

This Week in Tribal History

Mary Rogers, Tribal Preservation Department

December 09, 1871 Missoula Pioneer: Article calling for an order of tribal removal from Bitterroot Valley, recognizing the deep roots of the Indians to this land and calling for a military post to protect the settlers for the trouble which is bound to ensure from the Presidential Order to remove the Indians to the Flathead Reservation.

December 13, 1886 New Northwest: Philipsburg, Flathead agency Indians claimed and took horse from Dennis Mahonen. "The fact is, no bands of Indian should be allowed to leave the reservation and travel through settlements without a military escort. This can be accomplished without violating their constitutional rights, and their offenses in the settlements are too frequent and aggravating to be endured."

December 14, 1883: The Weekly Missoulian "Selish -- The Indians are hunting in the valley and securing an abundance of game. They run an occasional horse race, and have a good deal of amusement out of it sometimes extending their races to a distance of six miles."

December 13, 1912 The Dayton Leader: "The Indians has a pow wow up at Abel Two Feather, and some of us Elmoites could hear them pretty nearly all night long. They are going to Eudora the same medicine tonight."

If you have any questions or comments please contact Mary Rogers at 675-2700, ext 1320, or Communication Director, Rob McDonald at ext. 1222. Newspaper articles may be suggested for the Preservation archives if the article includes the newspaper name, date and is from 1975 or earlier.

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