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October 4, 2012

This Week in Tribal History

Mary Rogers, Tribal Preservation Department

October 1, 1875 From The New Northwest: Letter from Truthful James blames Kootenai Chief Aneas and calls for military protection for Missoula "exposed as she is (Missoula) to the combined incursions of Nez Perce, Pend d'Oreille, Flatheads, and Kootenai…." Also speaks to assessment of non-reservation Indian improvements in the Bitterroot. (T, G)

October 1, 1875 from The New Northwest: Large party of Flathead camped on the Big Blackfoot near Eureka, en route to Buffalo, "some days ago". Flathead chased and captured a released murderer Louis Matte, confiscated his horses, turned him loose a foot. "Tally one for the Flatheads." (Matte headed for Whoop Up)

October 3, 1884 from The Missoulian: Indians seem to feel that their time worn trails are public roads which the white man has no right to fence in and they very inconsiderably tear down and leave down the obstructing fence wherever they wish to cross the old track.

October 2, 1885 from The Weekly Missoulian: I suppose a post a Missoula may be a very necessary adjunct of the vicinity, but if so how much more needed here. British Columbia Indians at Tobacco Plains on the north and the Indians south with all the wandering bands passing and re-passing, in 24 hours could destroy every soul in the valley and no chance for help, for there are no railroads or telegraph. It is the most isolated as well as the most beautiful parts of the country. It is true that nothing may occur, but Indians sometimes take strange freaks. Perhaps the wise course of the man who locks his stable door after the horse is stolen may be pursued in this manner.

October 1, 1908 from The Plainsman: “The government has selected the bison range on the Flathead Reservation, for which $40,000 was appropriated by the last congress. It embraces approximately 12,800 acres of land lying north of the Jocko River between Ravalli and Jocko. The land will be fence by the government, and the American Bison Society is raising funds to purchase bison to stock it.”

October 6, 1938 from The Flathead Monitor: “Vandals, apparently in quest of buried treasure, have dynamited a historic rock two miles west of Rollins, according to S. E. Johns, local authority on pioneer relics and collector of historic data on Northwestern Montana. The rock is located on the old trail which was one the principal highway through the area. In the early days it was the scene of an annual spring celebration by the Kootenai in commemoration of a great victory over Blackfeet war party. The rock was always decorated for the occasion with silver ornaments, skins, flags, and other Indian valuables.”

If you have any questions or comments please contact Mary Rogers at 675-2700, ext 1320, or Communication Director, Rob McDonald at ext. 1222. Newspaper articles may be suggested for the Preservation archives if the article includes the newspaper name, date and is from 1975 or earlier.

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