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January 12, 2012

Finally…a girl

Grandma Cecile and Mom Billie hold baby Johnnie, who was St. Luke Community Hospital's first baby of the new year. (courtesy photo) Grandma Cecile and Mom Billie hold baby Johnnie, who was St. Luke Community Hospital's first baby of the new year. (courtesy photo)

RONAN — When Billie Boushie gave birth to a 6 lbs., 11 oz. baby girl on January 4, 2012, it just made sense to name the new arrival Johnnie. At least that is what Cecile Wagner, grandma to the first baby born at St. Luke Community Hospital in 2012, reasoned.

That’s because after eight grandchildren, all of them boys, the proud maternal grandmother says, “I just thought I’d keep the boys names going, even if it is a girl.”

“It was her grandma who named the baby,” explains the new mom who, co-incidentally, is named Billie after her father Bill Boushie of Rocky Boy.

The seventeen-inch long first baby of the New Year at St. Luke arrived at 2:06 p.m. on Wednesday, January 4, delivered C-section by Dr. Paul Gochis, assisted by Dr. Sharla Hart. The delivery was a repeat C-section for Boushie whose 4-year-old twin boys were also taken Cesarean.

In addition to the two older twin brothers, Johnnie will grow up as baby sister of another brother who is six. Plus, there are five boy cousins. One of the cousins, Joseph, was born December 12 at the Ronan hospital. He is the son of Misty Couture, sister to Billie.

Annesha Taylor-Burns, the OB nurse supervisor at St. Luke, presented mom and baby a gift basket with certificates for goods and services from twenty-seven merchants in Polson, Ronan, Pablo and St. Ignatius. The value of the gift certificates in the basket totaled nearly $600.

Boushie says the entire experience has been “exciting” and that, “I have been well taken care of.”

2011 was another near-record year for babies at St. Luke with 173 deliveries taking place this past year. That is two less than a record 175 babies who were born at the hospital in 2009. The 2011 total was an increase of twenty-six from the 147 delivers in 2010.

Steve Todd, Chief Operating Officer at St. Luke, notes, “The fact that we have six excellent physicians providing obstetrics has greatly contributed to our growth in the number of deliveries. Mom’s-to-be have more choices as to who they want providing that obstetrical care,” Todd points out.

Physicians who perform obstetrics at the healthcare network are Drs. Paul Gochis, Cara Harrop and John Williams at St. Luke Community Clinic in Polson. Drs. Sharla Hart, Hikmat Maaliki and Ed Vizcarra provide OB services at St. Luke Community Clinic in Ronan.

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